Jun 29, 2008

CT call

Ok i have a confession to make...
I am a terrible designer. My LOs aren't THAT good as my designs. agreed?? For proof(s), i have the following LOs to share. I wonder why i download all those templates when i hardly remember using them! But before that, i'd like to make a CT call for the whole shoppe of POC.

And now...Journaling says:
Darly is one of Hiba’s most favorite toy. She has it since she was way smaller than the toy. Now, even though she has beaten it size wise, still its a li’l big for her lil arms and she’s stillin love with it like ever . . .

BG paper by me from my Bubblegum story paper pack, now in shoppe.
Stapler, note paper, frame by me. Can be found in the collab kit "Curiosity" now in shoppe.
Flowers by Mhulshoff
Screw, wooden brad and everything glitter by me..soon to come in shoppe.
Font: Tweed

BG paper from "The Lost Ball" now in Shoppe.
Doodle bushed frame by me. Now in shoppe, in the "Curiosity" mega collab kit.
Font: Love Letter, Inspiration and Oedipa.

Pls get in touch with Tamara regarding the CT thing. The email address is in the CT jpg file.
Thanks for spending some time here.

Jun 27, 2008

New paper pack and a freebie

Hi all
I am up with my new paper pack called "Bubblegum story" for just $4.99! Its got 13 high resolution papers in it. I dont know somehow i just loooooooovvveee papers and enjoy making them as well. I think its the back bone of a pretty scrap. Click on the preview for a better look coz some details aren't visible in this lil preview. Some of the patterns are totally Indian style. Something really new. I love the colors i used. Its suitable for both.. baby boy/girl.

Freebie hunters dont worry. I have a lil something for you too. Its "Colorful you part 2".

Dont forget to leave some love :-).

Jun 26, 2008

Announcement and a freebie

New paper pack "The Lost Ball" is up in the boutique now, only for $2.50 :-). Thats way cheap i know!

And i just realized designing things are way easier than making their preview! Have been sitting for hours to make different previews for blog and the shop. YAY!! finally i am all up and working. I already submitted my part of the collab kit "Curiosity". One more designer is left to submit her part, which is likely to happen next week So previews only then :D. For now i have a new paper pack up in the shop. How do you like it?

Dont worry! i do have a freebie too out of this mini paper pack. Hope you like it.

Dont forget to leave some love if you download :-). Note: Background paper is only for preview purposes. The mini paper pack/freebie has 2 papers.
Aaahhh! dead tired now. Will c ya all tomorrow. Take care until then.

Jun 18, 2008

Quick Update

I know its been really long i posted any freebie. I have some family issues to sort out. Just been busy with that. Its actually something that has taken all my attention and energy. I haven't felt like photoshoping these days. Just keeping my fingers crossed that all the pieces fall back in their place asap.

The only good thing that happened to me lately was me getting selected as a designer at piece of cookie. Its a new site by a really really talented upcoming designer Tamara...Very sweet and helpful. I am yet to be set up at the back end at the moment coz of some pay pal account issues from my side (actually I am confused if i should use my a/c or hubby's ^_^).

Well.. thats it for now i guess?

Jun 11, 2008

Pls Take out 10 seconds of your precious time and take part in the poll on the right. Its important for me to help improve my work accordingly.

Jun 9, 2008

New Colorful You Freebie

Sorry this freebie is not longer available.
Hi all
My internet has been a rel bad boy lately. Thanks to the heavy rain :-S. I still managed to come up with this new paper pack. Its fairly vibrant in color as you can see. I dont know why, but i still fall for things that are really simple and thats what mostly reflects in my works. Especially scrapbooking. Most of the scrapbooking tut sites also mention to "Keep it simple and sweet". I am thinking of starting with elements too, but not sure where to begin. I am yet to find out the tricks used to make those cute ribbons and bows, flowers etc. I wish i had a wizard to let me know all that. If someone has a heart big enough to share, pls let me know a trick or two about the same as a return favor for all the goodies and freebies i give away every week. I promise i'll give you my best creation ever as a gift and make sure you are not disappointed in any case. Maybe i am being a lil restless and impatient, but thats how i am sometimes :-).

You can get it here and dont forget to leave some love :-).

Jun 2, 2008

Funky Balls Freebie

SORRY. This freebie is no longer available!
Its looks like an eternity since i posted a freebie. Have been soooo occupied with my family. I had this set since quite some time, dont know why i didnt upload it till now. So now when i thought i wasnt getting much of photoshopping, I am giving this away. I simply love polka dots and stripes. Sometime maybe i'll make a combination of the two. This is the first time i am putting up both, solids and patterned. Hope you like it :-). Dont forget to leave some love anf try sending me your work as usual.

Preview is the link as usual :-).