Jul 28, 2008

"Blue Moon" Blog Freebie

I know its been a very very long time i posted a freebie. Have been really really occupied with some family matters and designing for the two shops where i am a designer. Just not getting enough time to design much with a toddler running around and cooking meals 3 times a day! The only time i get to design is when shes asleep. Moreover, have been getting loads of guests lately. Tomorrow again will have my sis-in-law for like 1-2 weeks. Will be cooking all the time i guess. I hardly cook for myself when alone really. I can survive without food, but not without my PC LOL... And i am sure so is the case with most of the scrappers and designers out there.

So here is a mini kit freebie called Blue Moon for the freebie hunters. Its has:

3 papers
1 laced ribbon
1 doodled arrow
1 doodled swirl
1 film strip frame
1 date tab

Grab it here. Hope you like it! The preview in the zip file doesnt show the doodled arrow coz i forgot to add it while making the preview. Saw it missing only after the pic uploaded here. And i had already uploaded the folder to 4shared, hence didnt update it there. The zip includes its png for sure so dont you worry ^_^.
Dont forget to leave some love :-D.

Sorry! This freebie has expired.

LOs from my "Exclusive" CT

Here are some LOs that my exclusive CT member at Scrappythoughts, Bianca did.

Bg is from my Dots Galore kit. Doodles from my Doodlee-Doo doodles pack.

Everything from my Firewithin Paper pack.

Mmm.. in this LO, except for the bg, everything else is by me. The glitterd overlay is from my All that Glitters.
Doodles from my Doodlee-Doo pack.

Papers from my FireWithin paper pack and elements from Dots Galore.

Jul 23, 2008

Official Designer at Scrapping Whispers

Hi all
I am now an official designer at Scrapping Whispers. I just uploaded my first product there. SO now, Doodlee-Doo is also available at Scrapping Wihspers for $1.99.

Just thought would make a quick post to inform you guys about it :-).

C ya around
Happy Scrapping!

Jul 21, 2008

Doodles now in shoppe

So as promised, finally i am up with some doodles. Well actually that wasnt EXACTLY the promise. I promised a whole KIT with some doodles, but looks like 1 got 3 packs only of doodles! Who doesnt like giving some personalized look to their LOs?? So here i am with 2 packs of arrows and one pack of semi-colored doodles. First, a quick look at LO i did with the Doodlee-Doo doodles and one of my papers from Rising sun Paper pack, only at ScrappyThoughts.

Thats our lil daughter at her photo shoot. Well, we went to this HUGE shopping mall where an agent from a kids modeling agency approached us and told us how suitable Hiba would be for a TV commercial or 2. We didn't, and are still not taking it too seriously.. i don't know why.. but we did go for a photo shoot to get her portfolios done... well that was the basic requirement of the agency, but we mostly got it done for US! Our memory. We never had any professionally done photos of our daughter. And shes too cute to not have one i bet! Got plenty of her pics these days to scrap, so will be using them mostly for my LOs. All the elements are from the Doodlee Doo doodles pack. Lace is yet to come in the shoppe... I know ^_^ i was too impatient to wait and used it already! hehe.

Doodlee-doo only for $1.99. Grab it here.

Doodled Arrows only for $1.99. Grab it here.

Part 2, only for $1.50. Grab it here.

Click on the preview for a better look. And for more info on the products, visit my shoppe.

Jul 17, 2008

Bubblegum Story Rewritten at 50% off!

Hi all
I was a bit not too satisfied with what I did with my Bubblegum Story paper pack. So i replaced four of its papers. And its has 50% off till next Wednesday.. i.e. 23rd July. They are all highly textured and suitable for printing. Will be posting a freebie from it later this evening.

Along with this, I am also looking for a quality checker for my products. Benefits will be unbelievable. The only qualification for the same is, you must be on a CT of at least one designer and have any number of galleries UP TO DATE. Is anyone interested? Pls mail me asap with the link to your Gallery and the designer's blog/shoppe that you are a CT at.

Have fun
Keep Scrapping..

Jul 14, 2008

New kit and a freebie..

Hi all
This time its a whole new KIT i am up with. Its called "Dots Galore", which has 6 highly textured papers and 17 elements. Click on the pic for a better view. Yeh this is my first very own kit. I am usually a paper person. I hope you like it. For now, its only available at ScrappyThoughs.

Here are a couple of LOs i did with papers from this kit..

This is my niece Ayesha.

Our only daughter "Hiba"
Journaling says
: People would think you are too old to sleep with a bottle feed. Who would guess thats only a 22 months old girl??
only stapler pins are from my part of the "curiosity" mega kit at scrappythoughts.

And here is a li'f freebie for the freebie hunters from the new kit. Its a QP in png format.

Click on preview for the download link. I'll be making more QPs for the store from the kit and of course will give some for free too :-). Right now I am working on a new kit which will also have some doodles... for a more personalized look.

Till then..take care
See ya around.

Couple of LOs by me...

An announcement first...
Piece-of-cookie is now ScrappyThoughts! We move just a couple of days back. My puter has been real troublesome to update my blog! When things start going wrong, they happen all together, else everything is perfect! Here is a LO i did with some of my stuffs.

Credits: BG paper from my FireWithin Paper pack at ScrappyThoughts. Elements to hit the shoppe soon.

Credits: Bg from my Firewithin Paper Pack.
Stapler from "Curiosity" Mega Collab Kit at Scrappythoughts.
Rest of the elements to hit the Shoppe soon.

I am not a very goo LO designer, but keep trying my hand at it. I find ksharonk's LOs very inspiring. And yes i like it clean and simple mostly. Maybe thats why i find her LOs inspiring. Nothing hotch-potch.
Do comment how you liked my LOs. I just checked my comments in the "Chit-chat" on the side and found that i have been awarded by EyeSpyDesigns. Apparently i have to award 7 other blogs. So heres my list.. Its mostly our design team at Scrappythoughts..


Wow! we are exactly 7! I hadn't realized it by now. 7 is my lucky no :D. Not that its gonna be 7 forever on the team, but at least for now.. I am LUCKY!!

See ya all around..

Jul 11, 2008

LOs from my kits..

Hi all
NO I am not a bad blogger, its just been that my internet has been really troublesome coz of rains, hence i am not able to update it frequently. And I think its going to be like this till monsoon ends...i.e. till september sigh!

Anyways.. heres what our CT member Shelli came up with ..

Papers are from my "Firewithin" paper pack, Tag from my part of "Curiosity" mega kit. Not sure of the bow.. but i am guess its by Tamara.

The 2 bg papers are from my "Bubblegum Story" paper pack, and Elements from my "Curiosity" mega kit.
thanks a ton Shelli.

Jul 8, 2008

30% Sale till Friday

Hi all
I was just looking at my older.. first few paper works and compared them with the ones now..i mean the ones now in shoppe... and honestly i am embarrassed about the textures i used on those (old ones). I was still learning things and was an amateur back then. Now that i have learned how to make high resolution textures, i wish i could do something to make up for the loss.. for all those who dloaded my first few works, printed it and ended up with a kind of messy texture. So the good news is, we are having a 30% off on the whole SHOPPE!! Thats right! The WHOLE shoppe but only till FRIDAY! So hurry. Buy anything you want at 30% off. Along with that i thought i could give you a closer look at my latest work to assure you that they all are perfect for printing. I am pasting one sample from each paper pack at 100% zoom. I think i should do it every time I have something new in shoppe.

FireWithin Paper pack

Rising Sun Patterned and solid

Bubblegum Story
The Lost Ball
I hope its clear enough in the preview... I guess i am yet to learn how to make a better preview :-(.

Jul 6, 2008

FireWithin now in shoppe...And CT call.

Hi all
I am up with my new paper pack "Firewithin" which costs only $2.75. Attached is the thumbnail. I have never used fierce colors like these before. And i really love what i have ended up with. Right now I am working on its add-on pack, which will consist only of elements.

And I also take this new release as a time to make a personal CT call.

Pls send in to me your application asap at opalscraps@gmail.com.
Looking forward to it.
See ya around..

Jul 4, 2008

Rising Sun papers in Shoppe and a freebie...

i LOOOOVVEEE those star/sun burst papers. And hence, i made 2 WHOLE packs of the same. One for the shoppe and another for the contest freebie. The contest freebie is not done yet. But will finish it by tomorrow most probably ... if Hiba lets me sit on the PC for more than 15 mins together :P. Here is a preview of my latest work.

TO make the total an odd number, i have added a bonus deep red Rising Sun paper. I know.. Superstitious me :D. Total of 13 papers and it costs just $3.50. They all are high resolution papers.. perfect for printing! Hope you like it :-D!

Freebie hunters, dont you worry. I have a lil something for you all too. Its Laced semi solid part 2. The lace i've used in this one is different from the previous part. I really hope you like it. Try sending me your work as well. Its the best part of designing actually.. to see someone use it.

See ya around

Jul 2, 2008

Mega Collab kit CURIOSITY now in shoppe

oHi all
The MEGA Collab kit that i have been talking of all this time is finally up in the shoppe. Here is a preview of the whole kit.

And here is my part of the collab. Click in the preview for a better look.

The blue flower that you see above is actually lace bordered which apparently is not clear enough in the preview. I am i guess more bothered about the final image size. To keep it small, i mess up with the resolution for previews. i need to work on it "mentally" :-D.

Jul 1, 2008

Designer Contest

Although we now have 8 designers, but we are thinking of making it 10. Hence there still are 2 spots for designers left in our shoppe.
AND these final 2 are going to be our VIP designers. VIP Designers don't have to pay the set up fee of $10. Everyone who wants to become a designer can challenge. You'll have to make a free kit first with the colorswatch that's been given. Upload your preview and downloadlink to this thread, and our Team will choose who are the last 2 designers for the store.

your kit must include the following things:

5 papers
2 ribbons
1 frame
1 or more flower(s)
2 tags
and things you're good at and want to let us see

You're colorswatch will be:

So get to work ladies asap! ^_^
see ya around soon.