Dec 31, 2008

Update on me...

Hey all
I just logged in to give you a quick update on me. I have taken sometime off from designing. Since Hiba's school started i hardly had time to design. And i dont want to mess any shop's rules/requirements. So i resigned myself from all my shoppes. I might come in from time to time to give away freebies and share my LOs, but nothing more than that for some time. Its certainly something that i will miss like anything coz it was the only thing i was kind of good at... if not perfect. And i will definitely miss your encouragements :-(. But life has to go on right?

So... see ya around ^_^.

Dec 13, 2008

Freebie time!!

Freebie time freebie time!!
I scheduled this blog post along with scheduling the email to be sent out to the freebie hosting groups. So just in case you didnt find it earlier, my sincere apologies.

Grab it here.
Happy Scrapping!! ^_^

Dec 8, 2008

El Naturelles

Hi, it's Bianca again! Today I wanted to showcase the El Naturelles kit. Of course you already saw the great pages made by the CT of 2LP. You didn't?? Well, scroll down!! They are amazing, aren't they?

I have created a freebie for you, because I wanted to show you how gorgeous the papers in this kit are. They are so full of texture and pattern, makes you want to watch it for hours LOL!

First, let me show you what's inside this kit:

  • 10 papers
  • 4 flowers
  • 1 diamond
  • 2 doodled swirls
  • journaling lines
  • 3 glittered dotted swirls
  • 1 glittered half sun
  • 3 leafs
  • 1 doodled flower
  • 1 ribbon bow wrap
  • 2 beads
  • 2 frames
  • 1 owl
  • 2 plaid ribbon flowers
  • 1 piece of torn paper
  • 1 alpha set

This kit is available at TwoLittlePixels and Scrapladies

And this is your freebie, hope you like it!

click preview to download, enjoy!!

Dec 4, 2008

Sneak Peak and some inspiration..

Hey all.
I am finally up with a new kit. But before i show you a sneak peak at its preview, I'd like to share some LOs that the 2LP CT made out of myEl Naturelles kit. I am so happy with the CT of 2LP. They really are a bunch of super genius, REALLY creative peeps. I love allll their LOs weather its from my stuffs, or the other designers's.

This last LO only has my Artistic Edge 1 on the photo.
I am up with a new kit called Candy Daze. Its actually a combination of my 2 old mini kits, with a lot of new add ons. Actually those 2 mini kits were toooo mini to get sold i guess (yeh i didnt sell even one of it LOL), so i thought why not mix them to make one? Here is a sneak peak at. It will be released next Friday, the 12th Dec. And for the fist day, my Black Bead 3 will be for free! Take a look at it..

For now, its available only at 2LP. This kit contains:
9 highly textured 12x12 papers (including one torn edged paper)
3 doodled emements
1 torn edge
1 Artistic photo edge
4 Frames (not all shown in the preview)
2 Cute buttons
2 Posies
2 Stitches (not shown in preview)
1 Stitched overlay
1 Stitched heart element
1 Ribbon
2 Staplers
4 Journaling tags (2 with recolored ribbons)
1 Glittered embellishment (flower)
1 Tape
1 Wordart

And theres always a lil inspiration ^_^..

(I played a lil with the levels on the bg paper... moved the Grey slider slightly to the right :-))

Hope ya'll like it.
Happy Scrapping ^_^

Dec 2, 2008

Urban Garden freebie

Hi everybody, this is Bianca bringing you a freebie! That's right, I created a LO with OpalScraps' kit Urban Garden, and now she allowed me to make it into a freebie QP for you guys! Isn't that great?

This is the kit, available at ScrapLadies. The kit contains:

  • 1 set of lowercase case Alpha
  • 10 papers
  • 1 sand overlay
  • 1 doodled bee
  • 1 stapler
  • 6 different kinds of flowers
  • 3 buttons
  • 1 birdie
  • 1 birdie house frame
  • 2 worn-crumpled frame
  • 1 wish washed frame
  • 1 regular black frame (can be used to have some other pattern overlayed)
  • 1 cardboard-glittered Heart emblishment
  • 2 posies
  • 1 journaling paper
  • 1 sprinkled glitter
  • 1 tiny torn edge
  • 2 tags
  • 1 word art
  • 1 doodled swirl
  • 1 sparkling swirl
  • 5 word art tabs
  • 3 sprouts (one with stitched stem)

This is my darling daughter, Leonie.

And this is your freebie, click preview to download!

Well, enjoy, you will hear more from me in the next few days ;) So check back soon!

Nov 20, 2008

Finally the time has come...Only one day left. Saturday morning me new tablet PC will be in my hands.. Actually in hubby's hands :-S. I dunno when will i get a chance to admire it :((. But still.. at least finally i am getting one! My first ever laptop, and that too a tablet!
I am looking for its pic. And then i thought why not click its pic and scrap it??
So wait till i get a chance to share it with you.
Till then..
Happy Scrapping!

Nov 15, 2008

2 BIG news!!

Hey all!!
This time I am up with one fabulously-good and one sad news!! Sharon of twolittlepixels has accepted me as a guest designer at her shoppe. And I am absolutely thrilled to start there ASAP!! My “Artistic Edges” has been released at 2LP already. It’s the most recent and a new thing that I have done lately, hence I opted it amongst the long list of products that I have created, to be uploaded first. Check out the new blinkie Sharon created for me ;-).

The sad news is sad only for myself I guess… Well my PC crashed!! Some motherboard mal functioning. It’s so terrible, that hubby has given up on fixing it. Fortunately the hard disks are working and I haven’t lost any work I suppose. This will be confirmed only when I get my new tablet by the end of this month and hubby connects it with the hard disks. Till then I think I shouldn’t guarantee anything. Awww… that hurts so much!! No Photoshop till the new laptop/tablet. I haven been using my nephew’s laptop all this time to keep up with the new mails. Fortunately i had uploaded my part of the Sunday Frebie at Scrapladies server long back, so i wont let them down for my first ever turn to put up a freebie on their site. Heres what it looks like :-)

But you gotta wait till sunday to snatch it ;-)!
Happy Scrapping!!

Nov 1, 2008

Hey all

This time i have a freebie desktop for you. This is the first tie i've tried my hand at making a desktop, so pls bear with me in case something isn't right. Comments/suggestions are always welcome. I have it in only 2 resolutions coz apparantly they are the only ones i knew.
The desktop is in png format.


Hope you like it.. :-)

Oct 23, 2008

New stuffs and a freebie..

Hey All
I am up with 1 mini kit and one "almost" mini-kit. And of course a freebie :-).

The "almost" mini kit, "El Naturelles". i know.. thats a hybrid lingo of French and Spanish hehe. I like it how in Spanish they use "El" before many words (which apparantly i dont know when they use it. I guess its like "the" in english.)
Some inspiration:

"Candy Daze" is the old mini kit that i had in my previous shop as well. Was too sluggish to make a new preview, hence uploading it so late now. hehe. Also i've been working on new preview for lil stuffs like alpha/freebie. I've been feeling not-that-simple lately. I think my preview in the past has been way too simple. And i actually kinda like it that ways. Even my LOs are simple and crisp with not too many elements. Heres an e.g. for the same...

BG paper, kit "urban garden" by me at ScrapLadies. Alpha, "Bead Mania" by me at ScrapLadies, worn-torn overlay by me, yet to come to the shoppe, coz i have to try giving it some finishing touches and get it quality checked. Stiched flower from my "Pristine" kit, soon to come in shoppe too. Photo: Artistic Edge by me at ScrapLadies too... and my daughter at 7 months :-).

Now, coming to what you actually came for here, i have a freebie QP this time... agian. Elements are from my new kit el Naturelles. And the new look of my "lil-things" preview :D.

Grab the freebie here.
Leave some....rather encouragement :-)

Oct 22, 2008

Yet another list of stuffs..

Last night i go some time to upload 3 new stuffs to my shoppe. Here are the previews...

One of my favorite swatches :-). Costs only € 1,10/$1.47.

CU Overlays. €3/$4.2 only ($5.03).

Yet another artistic edge, and like the previous one, this one costs 1.25 € ($1.68)too.

Soon there will be a discount on my shoppe. 30% off on a purchase of a total of $10 products. so keep checking my blog and my shoppe for the same.

Oct 18, 2008

Some LOs to share..

99% stuffs from my "Urban Garden" kit, only at ScrapLadies :-).

Oct 14, 2008

New in store and a freebie..

Phew! So finally i am up with these new stuffs. My internet was troubling sooo sooo sooo much lately. I wasnt able to upload anything. Glad its working today so i upload a bunch of products :D.
And now... freebie time..

So this time its a QP. Elements used from my "Urban Garden" kit. Check out my shoppe at ScrapLadies for other new products. Grab the freebie here..
SORRY! This freebie has expired :(.

Happy Scrapping ^_^.

Oct 11, 2008

Uploaded some stuffs..

Hey all
i have the above stuffs in my shoppe now. And there are lots of new stuffs that will soon be there too. Like:
click on the thumbnail for a better view.

Oct 9, 2008

Quick update..

Hi all
I am now an official designer at ScrapLadies!!! And i am not selling at ScrappyThoughts anymore. I got through there just yesterday and i am on my way to upload my first product. And i chose this cute lil stuff to go there first..

This is soooo exciting. The rules there are really really simple and no pressure at all. I think i am going to love it there!

Sep 10, 2008

Freebie Time!

First, a lil news about me..
i am no more selling at SW. Its only ScrappyThoughts i am selling now. I just couldnt find time to update that shoppe and felt bad for not meeting the terms and conditions there. Although Marta, the owner of the shop was really sweet and patient. But i dint like being mean to her. awww i am so good!! :D.
Here are a couple of LOs by my CT Bianca and myself.

By Bianca

By me..
From my "Pristine" Kit

I have new item in shoppe. I wonder why i hadnt put it up on ScrappyThoughts while i had it on ScrappingWhispers a while ago. Funny! Anyway... Its a commercial use okay, Shabby/Grungy overlays set. Take a look. Its available for only $4.85.

Because i am uploading almost nothing in the shoppe these days, i had this lil freebie made before Ramadan. I was looking for an occasion to give it to you guys.. I still dont have a reason or occasion, but i feel generous today :-). Aww i am again so good :-D.

Its a paper pack of 8 papers. i loooovveee paisley and dots. So made a combination of both. Grab it here. (Sorry! this freebie has expired :( )
Dont forget to leav some love! Its only encouraging.. nothing else :-).

Sep 5, 2008


Hey all
we are having 50% off on the whole ScrappyThoughts shoppe!! YES! the whole shoppe! 7 designers and everything by them is at 50% off but only for this weekend. i.e. till 8th Sept. So HURRY!! If you are my fan, visit my shoppe Today. Link on the right.. on the blinkie.. But there are other really awesome designers at ST. Visit them too to make sure you dont miss anything great!

See ya around!