Nov 20, 2008

Finally the time has come...Only one day left. Saturday morning me new tablet PC will be in my hands.. Actually in hubby's hands :-S. I dunno when will i get a chance to admire it :((. But still.. at least finally i am getting one! My first ever laptop, and that too a tablet!
I am looking for its pic. And then i thought why not click its pic and scrap it??
So wait till i get a chance to share it with you.
Till then..
Happy Scrapping!

Nov 15, 2008

2 BIG news!!

Hey all!!
This time I am up with one fabulously-good and one sad news!! Sharon of twolittlepixels has accepted me as a guest designer at her shoppe. And I am absolutely thrilled to start there ASAP!! My “Artistic Edges” has been released at 2LP already. It’s the most recent and a new thing that I have done lately, hence I opted it amongst the long list of products that I have created, to be uploaded first. Check out the new blinkie Sharon created for me ;-).

The sad news is sad only for myself I guess… Well my PC crashed!! Some motherboard mal functioning. It’s so terrible, that hubby has given up on fixing it. Fortunately the hard disks are working and I haven’t lost any work I suppose. This will be confirmed only when I get my new tablet by the end of this month and hubby connects it with the hard disks. Till then I think I shouldn’t guarantee anything. Awww… that hurts so much!! No Photoshop till the new laptop/tablet. I haven been using my nephew’s laptop all this time to keep up with the new mails. Fortunately i had uploaded my part of the Sunday Frebie at Scrapladies server long back, so i wont let them down for my first ever turn to put up a freebie on their site. Heres what it looks like :-)

But you gotta wait till sunday to snatch it ;-)!
Happy Scrapping!!

Nov 1, 2008

Hey all

This time i have a freebie desktop for you. This is the first tie i've tried my hand at making a desktop, so pls bear with me in case something isn't right. Comments/suggestions are always welcome. I have it in only 2 resolutions coz apparantly they are the only ones i knew.
The desktop is in png format.


Hope you like it.. :-)