May 28, 2008

Vintage Stitched Hearts QP freebie

New quick page freebie. The background page is part 2 of the laced Semi solids. Coming soon :-).
let me know if the link is working.
Its a frame with stitched hearts. Click on the preview for a closer look.

Feel free to add you own elements and word art. I thought of adding a word art, but Hiba needed someone to play basket ball with her. So had to leave and ended up with just this much. Hope you like it :-). Dont forget to leave some love! :-)

May 26, 2008

You Are a White Rose

You represent youthfulness and purity.

Your vibe: Sweet and heavenly

Falling in love with you: is like falling in love for the first time

Laced Semi Solid Freebie

So gals!
I am up with yet another freebie. Its also kind of semi vintage. I love laces. Its so feminine and pretty. I love all kinds of lace. So thought of making something out of it. Hope you like it. Dont forget to send me your work. I have been so touched lately by all those who used my stuff and showed me where they have used it. The feeling is simply awesome.

Dont forget to leave some love if you do download. :-)

May 23, 2008

Garden Freebie

SORRY. This paper pack is no longer available.
Like i said this place is meant ONLY for freebies (well till i have a shop actually :P), so i am up with another paper pack to have some fun this weekend. I cant tell you how much fun i am having making these papers. It sure gets tiring at times, but what the heck!

I love the colors i've used in this kit. Pastel again... but the textures and the soft grunge makes it stand out from the others i guess. click on the preview for a better look. Pls do send me your work or the link to it if you upload it somewhere if you use these and dont forget to leave some love :-).
Happy scrappnig.

You found my part...

Here is the link :-)

May 20, 2008

Striped freebie

I was playing with stripes the other night and here is something i ended up with. Hope you like it along with the new look of my blog. I didnt follow any particular swatch for the same. Just used my favorite colors and color combinations.
Look for the link!

Let me know if theres a problem with the link. 4shared has been a real bad boy lately. And dont forget to leave some love!

May 18, 2008

First LO from my paper

I am sooooooo happy today. Timounette sent me the link of her layout. Its the first ever LO i got from all the papers i have created till now.

Isnt it awesome?? Love the bubbles on the corners. so cute. I am blogging this to remember it forever! Thanks Timounette. I wont forget this moment ever. You made my day so special. Because the dead line for getting the rest of the Rising Sun papers freebie, (for which you'll have to send me your LO from the freebie) is still too far, i am waiting for the others to
send me their works too. And like promised, best LO will get the rest of Rising Sun pack!! So hurry gals! go crazy scrapping!

Here is another one from Crottejuju. Sorry i couldnt find the real name of the poster. Another fabulous work. this just keeps getting better and better.

May 16, 2008

Vintage Charm Freebie and a bonus paper!

SORRY. This paper pack is not longer available.
Here is a little something for you to play around with on weekend. I love everything vintage. But the colors for me were a challenge coz most of the times (while designing) i drift away with pastels and mute colors no matter how hard i try! So it was kind of difficult for me to stick to the "Vintage" style. Still i managed to come up with the following set. Please note all my papers are for "personal" use only.

Preview is the link.

I messed up somewhere while "saving it for web", hence the resolution looks funny. Else its all at 300 ppi. I'd love to see you all use my papers. Pls do try to send me the layout. Best LO will get a surprise gift. And trust me you wont be disappointed! Its something pastel and doodled so you can guess ;-). Happy Scrapping!

Thanks for stopping by!

Note: The bonus paper is there only for a couple of days. So HURRY!!

Edit: This post has been edited to meet the above mentioned condition.

May 13, 2008

Prize for you!

I am just loving every inch watching people download my freebie. It feels soooo good. I would be even more pleased if you send me your work. I'll give out the rest of the set of these papers for free to the best Layout. Because i am not yet popular and i am to late to make this post, i'll keep a month's dead line. You have to submit your LO before 13th June '08.


Here is a sneak peak at the rest of the pack.

Hope to see some good work!

May 2, 2008

My First freebie

Its been a while i THOUGHT of starting a blog to post my freebies. And now i think its time to APPLY the idea. I was and i still am reluctant though. Its just that there is hell lot of competition in this field and i am not sure if i'll be able to survive alone. I mean people have a bunch of people working under them know as their "Creative Teams", and i have started off all by my self! How far do you think i can go? Take a look at the preview of my first freebie below, and try to make a guess. Atleast i think its something better than many "first freebie" of the NOW well known designers though.Sorry, this freebie has expired.
Click on the preview for the download link. And pls leave some love if you download.
This is a paper pack called Rising sun. I am giving off only 2 at the time, coz i lost the rest of the papers's psd files to shrink down their size. And they are way too big than these ones mainly coz they are very very high resolution ones. These are also good at printing though. All made at 300 ppi. Then I thought i'll see if Lori agrees to let me sell my work at digiscrapshak once its up, will decide to give more freebies after that.

I have been heads over heals in love with Adobe Illustrator now. i know this is a new disease! I ha already caught the PS bug. and now its Ai!
Its so much fun i cant seem to get enough of it! I tried my hand at doodling this time. For its something that really gets me by. It makes scrapbooking look more realistic like. We all doodle. Atleast i do it a lot anywhere and everywhere. All i need is a pen/pencil!

And here is a wallpaper layout i did with my very own first paper for hubby!

Doodled swirl by Jenna desai
Lace by's Happy Birthday kit.